Tallinn, Estonia, September 2007


In concert at the Niguliste Museuem Concert Hall Marsh Ladies Choir has returned from its first foreign tour – a very successful visit to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Energetically conducted by Gordon Stewart and accompanied by Andrew Dean, the choir performed in the historic locations of The Niguliste Museum Concert Hall, housed in the 15th century St Nicholas’ Church and in Tallinn Town Hall, a building completed in 1404. These beautiful buildings rang with the sounds of the choir on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September.

Ladies Choir of the Technical University of Tallinn

Female Choir of the Technical University of Tallinn The audience in the Town Hall included the Ladies Choir of the Technical University of Tallinn who sang two Estonian songs a cappella, one traditional and one modern. They were the guest of MLC at a post-concert reception in another famous Tallinn building, The House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a 17th century guild house.

Estonia has a great choral tradition and part of Estonia’s move to independence was marked by the Singing Revolution where a fifth of the country’s population met in the Song Festival Grounds to sing and call for Independence.

Guided tour around Tallinn

Guided tour around Tallinn The choir visited this venue on a coach tour of the city outskirts, followed by a walking tour of the Old Town, escorted by our local guide, Taimi Pihel.

The choir’s secretary, Jenny Cobb, was presented with a gift of thanks from the choir for arranging the trip which the 40-strong party of choir members and supporters were all very proud to have been part of.

Enthusiasm for the next foreign trip will have to wait a little while as the choir is already booked to tour Bristol, England in May 2008.

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